Declaración de privacidad y de cookies

Privacy- en cookiestatement

This privacy statement was last revised on May 25, 2018.

This privacy and cookie statement concerns the processing of personal data by Villatent. This statement is as a separate document available on our website. It indicates which types of information are processed by Villatent and how Villatent uses these data. In the privacy and cookie statement, we explain which personal data we process, collect and use and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this document carefully. Personal information refers to all data whereby a natural person can be identified, either directly or indirectly.

The privacy and cookie statement applies to all information, agreements and activities on our website and other social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). We collect and process personal information:

  • whenever a visitor enters into an agreement with us for the first time;
  • during each other contact moment between us and a tenant or visitor, such as contact via social media about (discount) offers, contests and/or prize competitions;
  • upon your permission.


In the processing of personal data, we adhere to the requirements stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter GDPR). We do this as follows:

  • In this privacy and cookie statement, we explain the reasons why we process your personal information;
  • We only process those data that are necessary for the particular purposes pursued;
  • Prior to processing your personal information and in the event that it is required by law, we ask for your permission to do so;
  • We take the proper suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data. We require the parties that process your personal information at our request to do the same.

Use and purpose of personal information
During our service provision, we may process the following personal information:

  • Name and first name(s);
  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Payment details;
  • Booking history;
  • Details regarding the technical device that you use (such as a smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet), for example, your IP-address, MAC-address and software;
  • Your surf activities on our website, among which mouse and click behaviour and the duration and time of your visits to our website;

We may use the above data for the following purposes:

  • To enable you to make a reservation via our website and have access to all functionalities available;
  • To handle your reservation and inform you on its progress;
  • For answering your questions and/or remarks sent to us via email, telephone, or social media;
  • To inform and inspire you via digital newsletters and/or post;
  • To send you personal newsletters and advertisements that suit your interests and booking history;
  • To process your (personal) data in connection with your (possible) participation in prize competitions and (discount) offers, so that we can contact you if you have won a prize.
  • To adjust and improve, if necessary, both our website and our service provision.

Storage of your personal information
If you fill in a contact or an application form on our website, contact us via social media (Instagram or Facebook), or send us an email, your personal information is stored for as long as the type of form or the content of your message requires these data to be kept.

Adjusting your personal data
In case there are changes in your personal data, we kindly request you to notify us as quickly as possible. Changes can be passed on via

Rights of access to your personal data, their rectification, and their erasure
You have the right of access to your personal information, the right to have it rectified, and the right to have it erased. To avoid abuse, we could ask you to identify yourself, for example by asking you to answer a number of questions. In addition, you have the right to object to receiving information or personalised advertisements from us via email, telephone or post. If you want to object, you can notify us via Please us as email title: “access and correction personal data”.

Links to websites of third parties
Our website may include links to websites of third parties. Villatent is not responsible for the manner in which these organisations process their company or personal data. We advise you to read the privacy statements of their respective websites.

Villatent makes use of cookies and other tracking systems on its website. Naturally, our aim is to optimise the user-friendliness of our website and guarantee your privacy during your visits. That is why we find it important to inform you about why and which cookies we use.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer via your browser during your visit to a website. This information is subsequently stored on the hard disk or the memory of your computer or mobile device. When visiting a website again, the information that was returned by your browser has been stored. As a result, you no longer have to provide the same information each time you access the website again. What is the function of these cookies?

  • You can surf our website faster and more easily.
  • You do not have to provide the same information each time you use a website.
  • All functionalities are available to you.
  • Keeping record of how you use the website enables us to further improve its quality.

We make use of cookies. Upon your first visit to our website, we ask you for permission to use cookies. If you ignore this question, but do not leave the website, we assume that you approve of cookies. Note that you can always withdraw your permission once you have given it. If you do not want to receive cookies at all, you can adjust your internet browser settings to block their use entirely. Be aware that in this case some functionalities will be turned off. However, you can still access the website and view our campsite assortment.

Which cookies do we use?
We make use of different types of cookies. Below you find an overview of which ones we use and why:

Functional or necessary cookies
Functional or necessary cookies promote the proper functioning of the website. They make sure that your preferences, such as your language, location, and desired search results, are stored. Furthermore, they remember the information that you provided when filling in the booking form during an earlier session. Furthermore, the storage of your browser data enables an optimal page presentation of the website.

To examine the use of our website, we also make use of Analytics-cookies. When entering our website, a permanent cookie is placed on your computer or mobile device, which provides us with information about its use. Based on this information, we try to further improve our website. For example, which browser you use when accessing our website, from which page you gain access to our website, from where you enter our website, when and for how long you visit the website, and which page you visit most often.

Removal of cookies
If you do not want websites to store cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings. In that case, you will receive a warning just before the cookies are going to be placed. You can also configure your settings for the refusal of all cookies or solely those of third parties. You can remove cookies that are already there. If you do this, however, there is a risk that certain parts of the website no longer function properly.

Facebook and Instagram (social media)
The website has buttons for promoting particular pages or sharing them on social networks, like Facebook and Instagram. These buttons are made operational by codes delivered by Facebook and Instagram themselves. These codes also – among other data – place cookies. Read the privacy statements of Facebook and Instagram (which can change regularly) to see what they do with the personal information that they process with the aid of these codes. This also applies to other social media channels.

We send newsletters with information about our campsites, tents, discount offers and other issues. Only with your explicit permission will your email address be added to the list of subscribers. Each newsletter contains a link via which you can deregister. The newsletter’s address database is not passed on to third parties.

Technical and organisational security measures
Since the security of your personal information is highly important to us, we have – among other actions and where suitable – taken the following technical and organisational security measures:

  • Confidentiality clauses in both our employment contracts and in our General Terms and Conditions;
  • Hosting security, such as a firewall, SSL-connections and encryption by means of access security (passwords);
  • Only parties that have a processing agreement with Villatent are allowed to host your personal information;
  • Limitation of the physical access to our systems;
  • Registration of the personal data processing activities in a special register;
  • Privacy and cookie statement Villatent.

Adaptation of the privacy and cookie statement
In case we decide at some point in the future to adapt the contents of this privacy and cookie statement, we will inform you in a timely manner that we have placed a revised version on our website. We recommend that you regularly check the statement for changes. This can be done by verifying whether the below reference has been adapted since the last time you visited the website. The website always provides the most recent version of the privacy and cookie statement.

Contacting us
If you have questions about the privacy and cookie statement – or the way in which we process your personal information – you can contact us via the email address or via the contact form on our website. We will answer your question as quickly as possible. In both cases, please use the title ‘Questions regarding the privacy and cookie statement’.